The Writing Gene – Do You Have It?

The Writing Gene – Do You Have It?

William Shakespeare had it, Edgar Allan Poe had it, even Dr. Seuss had it.

So what is it?

It’s what drives you—compels you to write. It’s a desire to leave something of yourself behind, something worthwhile, useful to others, to explain why you are on this planet in the first place. It works in tandem with emotions that consume you, like love, sorrow, regret, joy. You can, nay must, write to capture the overflow of that emotion, or self-combust.

It is knowledge; a certainty that we can be so much more than the sum of our parts—or our past. No one person can be everything, but a person can live everything in his/her mind.

Some will try to deny it. Hide behind their computers. Lock their office doors. Passcode their files. Only to surrender in the end. The writing gene does not fade with time, but grows stronger with the realization of things unsaid.

Putting thoughts on paper is like leaving DNA for the future. Maybe my DNA will not be the same as those who leave behind genius, contribute mightily to the advance of their generation, or live life large and to the fullest. I accept that. My DNA includes introspection, wonder and a strong desire to express myself. The ability to do so is my sacred trust. After all, it’s in my genes.

Do you have the writing gene? Does it call to you? How will you respond?


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