Please come in. Make yourself comfortable. Pull up a chair.

Are you overwhelmed by all there is to learn about writing? Did you think all you had to do was sit down with your notebook or computer and write your heart out, then get your story published? Yes?

Slow down, dear.

Life isn’t simple. Neither is publishing. Especially now. If you are new to writing, I should tell you that there are a multitude of websites, blogs and videos that cover grammar and punctuation, genre, scene, plot, structure, characterization, editing, marketing, self-publishing, book covers, print-on-demand, and opinions galore. In time you will find what suits your personality and writing style and fly off into the sunset, your freshly published book tightly gripped in your claws.

Until then, I hope you will find this site useful. Think of it as a reading cave. Relax. It’s all good. You can speak freely here. Ask questions you think are dumb. Comment on anyything related to writing. You are one of us now.