Start Writing! He said.

Can I tell you a secret? I was driving home from work one day, the radio playing, my mind on cruise-control, when I got the call. No, I don’t mean on the cell phone. It was a clear, direct and this-is-not-debatable voice in my head, out of the blue, that said “Start Writing.”

Perhaps you have heard this voice yourself. I don’t mean those “voices” that sometimes live in our heads. I mean “THE voice.” That quiet, yet beyond-a-doubt, God voice. To say I was taken aback would be like saying I smiled when I won the lottery. (I didn’t, but you get the idea.) It was something I thought would never happen in my small, uninteresting, normal life. Sure, I’d heard of such a phenomena. Even envied it. But I thought any opportunity for me to hear directly from God was long gone. After all, I was getting old and had never heard from Him before. God calls the young, doesn’t he?

That was over ten years ago. I now have a deep passion for writing, though I am still what I like to call “pre-published.” I have a murder mystery completed (putting final polish on) and am working, to my surprise but joy, on a science-fiction story that grew out of a contest I entered. (I won second place!)

Why did God wait so late in my life to show me my purpose? Probably because He knew I wasn’t ready before then. I’ve had my own little pity party (midlife crisis) since, wanting to take life by the throat and shake it, saying “Why didn’t you tell me what I was missing all this time?”

Life doesn’t give us do-overs. We can only make the most of what time we have left. Grandma Moses didn’t become a famous painter until her nineties! I might still beat her by a few years.

What about you? Have you ever felt like life had passed you by? That you waited too long to make something of yourself? Did you find a “second calling” or “real purpose” late in life? How did you handle all the doubts and fears?


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