Genre? What Genre?

investigator looking with magnifying glassIn simple language, a book’s genre tells the reader what kind of story to expect. For example: western, mystery, sci-fi or romance. Genre tells a publisher or agent if it is the kind of book he/she handles. It tells a bookseller where to put it on the shelf. If you are a writing newbie, know that, as a reader, you are aware of genre. You even have a favorite.

This is an important aspect of your writing, as each genre has certain expectations connected with it. You will want to share your story with like-minded readers. They are your audience and they expect you to meet and satisfy their needs. What mystery reader would enjoy reading about a murder that never gets solved? What sci-fi enthusiast wants to know about an alien race that does nothing? What romance ends with the couple deciding to just be friends?

Think about a story you’ve read and enjoyed. Did the ending satisfy you? Likewise, you may have read a book that made you feel like you wasted your time because the ending left you cold and dissatisfied. What could those writers have done to fill your soul until you couldn’t take another bite?

What is your genre? Who is your audience and what do they want? Think about it and get back to me.

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