Day 13 – Deepen the World Building and Setting

This is the continued saga of my foray into Janice Hardy’s Revise Your Novel in 31 Days at-home workshop (

Today I check my settings for clarity, character interaction with the world, and use of the senses to give the setting more dimension.

This is where I love science fiction. There are no constraints to what my world looks like, so I can paint it as I see it. Of course, the important part is painting it so the reader can see it as well.

I did add some details of the room at the bordello in Chapter 3, the Mayor’s office in Chapter 20, and the Wanderer’s Inn in Chapter 22.

Result: I think my changes make my settings richer and will give my readers a better sense of the world my characters live in.

Take-Away Value:

Settings paint a picture in the reader’s mind of what your world looks like. Remember to keep the details to those the POV character can see or sense. An agent who taught a workshop I attended suggested you see the picture in your head, freeze frame it, and take a moment to look around. Note the things you see as your eyes sweep the area. What do you smell, hear, or touch?

How about you? Is there a different way you describe your setting that makes more sense to you? I am interested in any suggestions for improvement.

See you on the next page.


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