Day 31 – Do a Final Read Through

This is the continued saga of my foray into Janice Hardy’s Revise Your Novel in 31 Days at-home workshop (

I must have been psychic when I said I was going to give my story one more read through after this workshop ended, because here it is on day 31—Do a Final Read Through.

If you have written a novel, you obviously can’t cover it in one day. You may need to set your manuscript aside for a while, then return with a fresh eye.

Review the story telling, the writing, and try to read from the reader’s viewpoint.

Results: Today is a new beginning. You have a story that is tight and clear, easy to read–a pleasure even. Now you are ready for one final read through. Slip on your tool belt of new understanding and don’t forget your spit and polish.

Take-Away Value:

Take a deep breath. Let it out, slowly. Another deep breath. Let it out. The day has finally arrived. You have weathered bad days, difficult days, busy days, all in the name of revision, and you have succeeded. Pat yourself on the back. You have earned it!

You’ve accomplished something special. You finished what you started. Do you remember the euphoria you felt when you wrote “The End?” Well, it’s time for a second dose. Even if it scares you a little.

It’s beta-reader time.



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